SHA Basic Erosion & Sediment Control (Yellow Card)

ATTENTION:   All individuals looking to renew their yellow card, please follow click here. If you have any questions concerning the program please contact Amanda Mangum at (410)760-9505.  This class is only available for those that have previously taken and passed both courses.  They MUST have a valid MDE Green Card and SHA Yellow Card.


The Basic Erosion and Sediment (ESC) Course (Yellow Card) is mandatory for contractor superintendents and ESC managers and is highly recommended for contractor project managers. This is a prerequisite to the Designer Erosion and Sediment Control Course. A GREEN Card is required before taking this class. Training is offered by MTBMA for this  class which covers the Basic Science of Erosion and Sediment Control, Installing and Maintaining E & S controls, Using the E & S Quality Assurance checklist to monitor compliance, and the Design Modification Process. There is an Exam and Certification is presented upon successful completion of the class. Certification is valid for 3 years.

Notable Information

  1. Class instruction begins at 8:00 am.
  3. Classes are limited to 45 people per class. Registration is done on a first come, first serve basis.
  4. $120 Non-Members / $100 MTBMA Members / $50 Government Employees
    Payment is due at the time of registration. There will be no cancellations or refunds. If you would like more information on how to become an MTBMA member, click here.
  5. These courses are ONLY for first time students.  Those looking to re-certify their yellow cards should register for the online recertification course.  (To recertify your green card please contact Maria Warburton at (410)537-3632).

Class Location

SHA Office of Construction (Building #4)
7450 Traffic Drive
Hanover, MD 21076.

(Please reference your receipt/confirmation for the correct address, because classes will occasionally be held at a different location.)

Yellow Card Expiration

SHA Yellow Cards are effective for three (3) years and expire on the date you passed the exam.

Online Yellow Card Certification

(Must have a valid MDE Green Card prior to registering).
Online Yellow Card Certification – Register Here

*Each registration allows 2 attempts to pass the exam.
*You will receive an email with instructions, a link to the tutorials, a link to the exam and a personal login ID number.
* $85 Non-Members /$70 MTBMA Members / $35 Goverment  Employees (SHA Employees click here.)

MDE Green Card – Please contact Maria Warburton at (410)537-3632 for the online Green Card training.